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Our People

Meet some of our people


Anika has a Diploma in Design and Illustration. She’s fashioned gorgeous concept art, retail game packaging and marketing material for cerasus since 2007. Because her muse cannot live from design alone, Anika also plays violin in the basement.


The Queen of Interface Design! Annika assumed her position as Graphic Designer in 2005 and – with rocket-like speed and the precision of a Swiss watch – has churned out one enchanting interface after the other.


As a student assistant, Benjamin provides conceptual support to our producers during testing. He also takes care of internal IT issues, plus just about anything else that could make life in the office difficult. 

Christian Jr.

Since 2011, student assistant Christian has tirelessly battled intractable buttons and terrible fonts with North Hessian ease in the quest for the perfect interface.

Christian Sen.

Christian “Mr. Tree” Baumgarten has been with cerasus from the beginning. As Game Producer, the passionate gamer counts as cerasus’ compendium incarnate – as well as a treasure trove of trivial knowledge.


Christoph joined us in 2006 as a student assistant and has been working as a Producer since 2009. This passionate poker player’s specialties include simple solutions to seemingly complex problems in game development, as well as an affinity for linguistic beauty. 


Cornelie, aka Nele, has been a Junior Producer since 2011. She majored in Germanic studies and philosophy at the Universtity of Göttingen and has since fulfilled her dream of turning her hobby into her career.


As a student assistant, Geronimo – aka Nimo – takes care of music and sound effects for our games. The qualified IT specialist in applications development is also involved with tests, localization and IT administration. In his free time, he’s a coach for a Berlin soccer club.


Konstantin comes from the east heart of Europe and has been drawing since he could hold the pencil. He holds a Degree in Fine Arts and Communication design. Before chocolate-dependent Konstantin discovered his love for casual games at cerasus, he conceived concept art and 3D-graphics for MMORPGs. 


Born in Russia and raised near Osnabrück, Oksana has been a part of the cerasus family since 2009. The organizational talent with two business administration traineeships under her belt takes care of accounting and back office matters, as well as being the first line of contact for partners and clients.


Petra is a Game Designer and Illustrator, who’s addicted to books, writing and coffee. She joined our team in 2010 after five years as a designer and concept artist for adventure and role-playing games. Aside from games – history and creative chaos count among her passions.


Stefan co-founded cerasus in the year 2000, fashioning it into a career after high school instead of studying. In the beginning, he took part in everything except coding – today, alongside management of the company, he does a bit of it all.